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 Posted: Mar 9th, 2008 03:35 PM
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Ozone wrote: Oh my, This went on three times: how can I delete the extras-- Sorry

Hello Notemanz,

Nice recordings, and so clear.  Very interesting home you live in, great for research,  without having to travel too far :).  Do you like the sound soap pro program?  What recorder do you use?

Hi Estee,

Lol... glad you enjoyed some of my scenario's -- could be too, just like you say, that they are earthbounds hanging out on land that once had a cemetery on it... these would be spirits who are hanging out there because they are too attached to their physical bodies and don't want to be separated from them... right? Why else would they be hanging out there anyway as I can't see that there's anything else about a cemetery that would make them want to stay there -- other than that.
I love your scenario's so much.  Perhaps there is one more reason for earthbound's hanging around cemetery's.   They may be still visiting their loved ones that passed when they were alive and  were unable to get over their loss, thinking that the cemetery is the only place they can be close to them.  In reality those they still mourn for have passed into the light without their knowledge. :wink: Just a thought, lol.

Take care,

Thanks for mentioning that one too! :) It certainly does make a lot of sense that perhaps many remain earthbound because they want to remain close to their loved ones where even when their loved ones die.. they then hang out at their graves too!! How tragic!! I would not be surprised that that scenario is another reason why some on what Mark Macy calls "The Dismal" level would hang out at cemetery's too but in either case, just knowing that some who pass over are stuck in such places is indeed very disturbing in the most extreme sense of the word.

Also.. just thought of this one but one reason perhaps why some stay by their own physical bodies could be because of those religious beliefs they held while living on this plane which they still retained when they passed over. For example, many Christian denominations believe that when one dies, they fall into a deep sleep where someday when Christ returns, they will awaken where their spirits will re-unite with their physical body where they will ascend PHYSICALLY, just like Jesus did, into heaven.

Well,  perhaps many of these spirits  who hang out at those graveyards where they were buried at, are sticking around there waiting for Christ to return so they can re-unite with their physical bodies at that point in time. Hence why they are staying there because they are too afraid to leave their grave plots because maybe they fear that they will not be able to locate it again or come back to it again if they wander away from it into the "light".

I supposed there are so many different reasons why they would choose to hang out at cemetery's and you and I have mentioned a couple of them but it would seem that for those who are going to these places to record EVP it would be in their best interest to attempt to understand why some of those spirits are there and that they deserve our respect and sympathy ... and that they also deserve our assistance to help them realize that there's so much more out there for them to explore than the place they've chosen to stay at. I just feel so sorry for them -- and I keep them in my prayers.. always. The Catholic Church has always said, "Pray for the dead"... and for good reason.

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