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 Posted: Mar 9th, 2008 11:21 AM
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Just checking in for updates...  that's wonderful John that you've got so many Old Oak tree's like that on your property. Lucky you!! I love old growth tree's! But, my sister and her family live in Marin County, CA and she's been complaining about the unfortunate demise of these tree's that have been dying off at an alarming rate in her area; including those on their property and other parts of California. Amazingly enough, scientists are unclear on what the exact culprit is in this regard but nevertheless, many people in those area's are very concerned about this situation.

I have a huge big oak in front of the hi-rise complex I live at that I sometimes hug when no one's around ... lol. Oddly enough, I get a little buzz when doing that and I can sometimes feel the energy emanating from it just by walking by it!

Oak tree's are special and it's no wonder the Druid's thought they were sacred.