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 Posted: Mar 8th, 2008 12:45 PM
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Lol... glad you enjoyed some of my scenario's -- could be too, just like you say, that they are earthbounds hanging out on land that once had a cemetery on it... these would be spirits who are hanging out there because they are too attached to their physical bodies and don't want to be separated from them...  right? Why else would they be hanging out there anyway as I can't see that there's anything else about a cemetery that would make them want to stay there -- other than that.
Needless to say, this is very unsettling and disturbing when you think about it and I would think that living humans could do such spirits a great service by reminding them that they can always go toward the light or to accept a non-earthbound spirits offer to check out what's beyond the graveyard. As I understand it, such earthbound spirits feel closer and more connected to the living because they are on a level that's closer to us than to those who are on the more ethereal levels --- some say "higher levels". This is why those on our level are in a better position to help such spirits understand that they would do much better if they just moved toward the light than staying where they are now.

It would seem that cemeteries are excellent places for people on our side to assist those earthbounds there by serving as spirit rescuers and I admire those out there who have dedicated their lives by helping such spirits move on to a better place. A very honorable and praiseworthy vocation to say the least!

Look forward to those other recordings you mentioned.. will check back here later!! Wow! That's an interesting house you've got there!! I myself would be thrilled to live in such a place with so much activity like that.. how intriguing! They obviously want you to know that they are there when causing so much commotion like that... lol... that's funny! (though I imagine a little scary sometimes too!) And based on your recordings... they are communicating to you via EVP too! You are very fortunate because this gives you a window of opportunity to find out more about them and maybe even what's it's like where they are now.

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