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 Posted: Mar 8th, 2008 10:42 AM
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WOW Estee I Love your scenarios!!!  Very interesting! Thank so much for offering these imaginative possibilities.

Here are some observations/background re: the house. We've owned the house for 4 years and rather quickly, many strange things started happening.  Bangs in the middle of the night, kitchen cabinets slamming open and closed early in the morning... Just a lot of activity.  Finally, two separate people saw full body apparitions!

SInce buying th house, it's been related to us that we have "the most haunted house in Montecito." 

I've recorded there many times. This is not our primary home.  When I record there, there is an almost constant flood of talking.  Like a party line! I have no explanation for this.

I have a hunch though....  One door down from us is a church.  Like most churches, I'm sure there has been more than one on this spot over the last hundred years or so. Like many early churches of this area, I suspect there were cemetaries attached or near the grounds.

My guess is that our property may have been part of church property at one time and we may be sitting on cemetary ground.  I have to contact the local historical society and do the research....  This may explain why I get so many captures here. 

The land was originally Indian, then SPanish settler land.  There are many oak trees on the property that are easily over 300 years old.

For fun, I'll post a short clip that illustrates the amount of talking.  Some of it un-dechipherable....

Thanks for listening and I love the scenarios you described!


John D