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 Posted: Mar 8th, 2008 06:27 AM
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Notemanz wrote: Here are a couple more from this session...

"Give her Mommy the boy"

This one is very clear to me. It does seem to be saying that.

Wonder what it means?
Below are a couple of possible scenario's:

#1 --  Could be that at some time in the past some kids found an orphan boy and one of them suggested that he should be turned over to the mother of a girl who was there with them at that time. Perhaps this statement "Give her Mommy the boy" is part of what they all were talking about just before they all died from some accident or whatever... where somehow "time" captured that conversation where it's being replayed in some kind of a time loop -- right? Can't rule this out but as mentioned in another thread, it would be interesting to find out if anybody else got a recording of this same EVP when they were there at that location. Here's a webpage that talks about Residual Hauntings

#2 -- Or they could just be kids in spirit where a boy somehow got separated from his family "up there" -- could be that like all kids, he prefers hanging out with those in his age group so he sees a group of kids playing and is drawn to them for this reason. So when he makes an appearance in this group, the kids are surprised to see him and think maybe he's "lost" ... so one of them makes the suggestion that he should be sent to the mother of one of the girls in the group who can help him find his way back to his "neck of the woods". That part of this conversation was recorded (by you) could mean that you just happen to be their at that time when they were having that conversation where they were not talking to you, of course, but were talking among themselves.

That those spirits are there at the house, may not necessarily mean that they are earthbound spirits but that they sometimes just like to hang out there with their friends every once in a while. Could be that they all lived there at one time and like to have meet-ups there! That their childhoods spent there when they were living on our plane was a joyful one.. this is why they like visiting there sometimes.

Lol.. just throwing out some idea's.

And here's another one.
#3 -- Maybe that "boy" has been stuck in the netherworld where he's too afraid to "go to the light" because of his fear of the unknown. So because of this he's earthbound where he's been hanging out at the house he grew up in. Well, this house is a very old one or perhaps it sits on the same property of an older home that had since been torn down for the new one built in the same spot. Could be that those other children are spirits who once lived in the older home who were "sent" there to somehow persuade that boy to go into the light... that Sally's mother will steer him into that direction and that they should turn him over to her! So in this regard, this conversation might be part of a spirit rescue effort on the part of the kids who are there with him now.

And finally, #4 -- maybe those spirits talking in this clip are members of your own spirit contact grp. who come into your recordings all the time where you were just catching some of their conversation at that time while recording. But, it's my guess that you would know if those voices belonged to your regular contacts so this scenario is one that you've already ruled out.

At any rate, there are many possible scenario's with this one and many potential movie plots too!! :biggrin:

#5 -- Oh... ok... then there's this scenario too --
They are ALL earthbound spirits strongly connected to that house where you just happened to be there when they were having a conversation about a mysterious boy spirit who wandered into the house or into the yard where someone suggested to turn him over to "Sally's" mom because she would know what to do with him..

But sure hope Sally's mom isn't like that other "mother" played by Nicole Kidman in that movie called "The Others".... that these spirits are even referring to "Sally's" mom could mean that this woman is still floating around the premises somewhere keeping those children there by telling them that they will die if they leave the house!! :blink: Hence why they are still stuck there... afraid to move into the light which means they would have to walk outside the front door to enter into it because that's where the light keeps showing up!

#6 -- and finally.. could be that the voices in this clip are just some benign terrestrial non-human intelligences saying any old thing just to give the impression that they are "ghosts". Throughout the ages, different cultures have given their own names for such entities. i.e. nature spirits, fairies, jinn, trolls, leprecauns, little people... etc... anyway, can't rule out that sometimes the source of some evp are from beings like this... I would imagine the ones who like playing games with humans would be the last ones to admit that they sometimes do this. :wink:

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