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 Posted: Mar 3rd, 2008 04:31 PM
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Hi Vicki,

Lynn, Just to ket you know that I belong to the AAEVP and currently most of the posters are not mothers who have lost their children. A few still post in the Big Circle section and a few still post in the regular forum, but there are many more who have not lost their children yet still have much to share that are posting in larger numbers, especially in the regular section of the forum. It costs $30 a year to join and participate. Happy recording--you've gotten some god ones! Vicki
I did join the AAEVP and it looks great.  I read about your boys and how you contact them through evps.  What a comfort for you and all the parents on there to know without doubt that their little ones live on.  Thanks for the encouragement, you are truly an inspiration with what you have accomplished with your work.  The big circle is an excellent idea because I believe that whenever a great number of people join energies together with a strong intention to "make contact" with their loved ones then the combined energy works together to amplify the connection for the whole.  It would be an honor to join my energy with all others of the circle for that purpose.

Thanks so much to you and Estee for all of your encouragement,