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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2008 10:46 AM
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Oh my! I'm so sorry I misunderstood you.... how embarrassing! :blush:

But great that you are getting EVP in your recordings and I'm sure they will come in stronger as time goes by... solong as you keep practicing. I still think you should join AA-EVP because you will find out many things about this phenomenon that you didn't know before. But my first suggestion to you would be to try to connect with a friend or relative who's on the other side as that person might be willing to act as your guide or controller every time you start up a new session. They can also act as gatekeepers to keep out those lower level spirits too. But even if you don't make that connection, there are those anonymous controllers out there too who will catch on that you are serious about communicating with others on their side and they will make it point to be there to help you make connections to others also. They may even assign someone to you where that person will eventually give you his or her name where you will find them coming into most of your recordings and facilitating in someway to help you make more connections on the other side.

One reason to join AA-EVP is to be able to also join something called The Big Circle -- just google The Big Circle up to find out more about it.

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