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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2008 06:11 AM
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Ozone wrote: Hi Estee,

It is so great that you are doing these experiments, it is inspiring to me.  I could hear "We are still testing" on wave pad.  I wonder what they are testing on their side.  It will be interesting when that gets revealed :).  I also make out guardian out on the first when I slow down and lower sound a little.  Nice, there is so much to explore.

Take care,

Hi Lynn, actually I get such phrases like this every once in awhile where they are saying that they are testing. I know other EVP recorders get that word or phrase coming in sometimes's not uncommon especially when we on our side are trying out a new technique or using software programs that we normally don't use -- in this case, I was using DC6 which is a new program for me. That they say that they are testing something means that they themselves have to learn how to use those new programs that we are trying out that we've never used before.
In the case of DC6, I think others here are getting better results with it than I have so far in that at least they are able to understand what their contacts are saying in REAL TIME whereas I myself have not had too much success with that. For the most part, I can only understand what's being said on playback so I'm not sure at this point if I will find this program very useful to me -- at least in terms of Real Time recording. Nevertheless, I will continue to experiment with it as it seems that my contacts are "working" on trying to communicate to me this way by perhaps speaking louder and slower...  so that's good to know... that's why I appreciated this EVP that's saying 'we are still testing"....

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