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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2008 04:42 AM
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Ozone wrote: Hi Estee,

It is so great that you are doing these experiments, it is inspiring to me.  I could hear "We are still testing" on wave pad.  I wonder what they are testing on their side.  It will be interesting when that gets revealed :).  I also make out guardian out on the first when I slow down and lower sound a little.  Nice, there is so much to explore.

Take care,

Thanks Ozone and btw, even if you should decide to join AA-EVP, and I fervently hope you do because you really don't even have a clue right now what you're missing out on.. but just wanted to say that I hope you also continue to participate in this forum too!

I also should add that I usually don't respond to clips that are not clear enough for me to say whats being said in them with any degree of certainty, hence why I didn't respond to that one you most recently posted here. I just feel a little uncomfortable saying to someone "Sorry, but this clip is not clear enough for me to discern what's being said in it"... But for that one, I'm so glad Vickie was able to understand what was in it  where she posted what she was hearing in it in that thread.
This said though, because there are only a few of us participating in this forum at this present time, if you post any other clips that I have a hard time understanding, I will go ahead and let you know that as it's better than just leaving you hanging there with no responses.:wink: