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 Posted: Feb 29th, 2008 08:29 AM
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Attached is one recording I got this morning using dc6 during a live recording session.
I admit that I'm having problems catching what ever "voices" are coming through during these live sessions because:
#1 -- sometimes they come in so fast, I can't tell what they are saying until playback and...
#2 -- my computer speakers which had volume controls on them blew a few weeks ago (during a DC6 Live recording session, btw) where now I'm using an earpiece connected to my computer that does NOT have a volume control thing on it and this is something I really need due to my hearing deficit where I definitely need to have things amplified ESPECIALLY for live recording sessions using this program.
Anyway, in this case, I heard a voice coming in but didn't understand it where I asked immediately after I heard that voice "Dad?" just to indicate in the recording that I heard a voice saying something. I could have said Post Office? or anything for that matter but only wanted to indicate in the live session that I heard an EVP voice at that moment.

EVP voice -- "I am your guardian, thank you for waiting"
Me -- "Dad?"

I've gotten other voices coming in using this program where at that moment when they came in, I could understand what they were saying... but this recording I got this morning is an interesting one because the voice is so clear. And as I was saying, it was clear when it first came in too but it came in too fast for me to decipher what it was saying at that time until I heard it on playback.

The attached clip is unfiltered ... it is as I got it and I was not using any of the DC6 Live filters during this session.

PS -- just listened to this on in Windows Media Player and the part that's saying "I am your guardian..." is heard better when one listens to this clip in an audio editor...  That part is coming in too fast in WMP to hear all of the words being said in that section... at least on my computer.

Also should add, that I had the tv on set on playing in the background tuned into a Spanish speaking station at a very low volume that I could not hear myself but wanted some noise floating around in the atmosphere around me for my contacts to grab onto to be heard in this recording session. I normally record without any background noise but did this time just to see if I would get better results during this live session.

But one thing I'm keeping in mind about recording EVP using DC6, unless one understands what's being said at the time when it's coming in Live, one never is sure if that same voice that came in that's being heard on playback is saying the same thing it was saying in the live session. All I know is that I heard that clear voice coming in during the live session and even though at that moment I could not understand what it was saying, on playback it's still sounding the same, quality-wise,... which in this case is good...  where on playback it's sounding the same in terms of the quality that voice. But it's only an assumption on my part that it's saying the same thing it did on playback as it did when I heard that "voice" when it came in LIVE.

PS -- now just listening to it again it's sounding more like "I'm a (not your) guardian, thank you for waiting" ....

Also, when I then said "Dad?" after I heard that voice come in, my voice echoed because I was speaking too close to the mic when I said that. When using this program, I have to be at some distance from the mic to prevent that echoing (delayed effect).

PS -- Just slowed down that section that's saying "I am a guardian".... so it would be heard better in WMP.

Attachment: dc6_Im_your_guardian_thank_you_for_waiting.wav (Downloaded 426 times)

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