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 Posted: Jan 6th, 2007 09:50 PM
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Keith Clark

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I am proud to present the first video tutorial for reflection photography. These videos will explain how to experiment with ITC and receive images from spirit using water, mirrors, and light.

ADDED MAR 6, 2007 - Reflection photography is a term I use to describe receiving images from mirrors and water. To date, I have never taken the time to explain what this process is, or how it works. I hope this video will give some explanation until I take the time to give more information.

Currently, these clips are only available as download rather than streaming video. If I get the time, I will make them flash accessible.

If you don't want your browser to play these files, please right-click and choose "save as" 

Part 1:  The equipment used in reflection photography experiments.

     Video Part 1    .mp4 file   6.6mb

Part 2:  The setup of the equipment.

     Video Part 2    .mp4 file   8.6mb

Part 3:  The camera view.

     Video Part 3    .mp4 file   4.6mb

Part 4:  Recording your reflection photography video.

     Video Part 4    .mp4 file   15.1mb


Soon to follow: How to find the images in your reflection photography recording.

Keith Clark
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