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 Posted: Jan 10th, 2008 10:19 PM
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These are extremely interesting Frank.  I work in the film business and find that the most intersting image for me is #2.

If these images were commercial in nature would they look as "posed" as some of these do?

I would conjecture that they would not have that "portrait" character that a couple of these have. Therefore, I find them very thought provoking.

I agree with Keith that IF we can get an image or two of someone one of us might know, who is deceased, well now you're talkin'!

I hope you might ask for Keith's person to "pose" for the camera. If you're amenable, ask for "Ashley" to show herself for you.  If we can get confirmations such as these, well, we can imagine what import this would have.

Fantastic and looking forward to more!

John D