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 Posted: Jan 10th, 2008 09:06 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Frank,

I looked long and hard at this thread, and here are my thoughts. At first glance it would be so easy to say "Sure, it's obviously the cable channels." Aside from speaking what everyone's first thought may tend to be, I'd like to take it a little further.

After raising the exposure on the pictures I took a closer look. I can say for sure that I see spirit images, of the smaller kind, within the pixels themselves. I would suspect that these are representative of the influence of spirit on the camera media itself.

The second indication of spirit that becomes obvious is not only the pixel formation, but the formation of images larger than the pixel images but smaller than the large portrait that takes up the entire frame - in the static itself. I feel that this influence is a good indication of the influence of spirit within the reception of the television signal itself.

In analyzing the full frame portrait shots I began to think of comparisons to what I would normally see on television. And the more I think of it, I wonder how often we would see a photo of a person's face that would take up the entire frame. Yes, it is certainly possible that all of these pictures are simply images from the television. But how often does the face of a person appear on tv to the exclusion of almost everything else around them, taking up the entire screen? I mean, another point to your advantage is that we can clearly see the border of the television, indicating that full screen images are exactly what you received.

I'm open-minded, and I do believe experiments of this type have potential. I would urge you to continue this experiment at least several more times. It would be great and exciting to see what may develop.