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 Posted: Feb 10th, 2007 09:48 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hi everyone,
thinking it might be nice to throw a spark or two into this forum. Last night, a friend of mine invited me to an old school he is a security agent at. I have a lot to say about what I have initially found upon audio recording playback, but for now, I'll keep my words pretty minimal. Unfortunately, the recording set up that I used was a bit overkill, and it picked up too much noise.

I have a completely separate digital recording I still need to analyze. Here's one point I'd like to describe regarding what I am finding on the magnetic tape recording.... within three or so minutes after Bill and myself had left the vacinity of this recording set up, evp began to build up noticebly. I am attaching a short segment of this. Once Bill and I had come back into the vacinity of this recorded area, the evp dropped off.

I have some suspicions as to why this occurred.. I'm sure other evp researchers have found this and written about. I am thinking that our personal energy fields must have drowned out the more subtle, less or non physical realm/s we seemed to be audibly capturing.

What I'm going to do now is conclude this post with a short bit of this audio... I am quite sure that I will be dedicating a significant section on my website to this particular school and investigation over a period of weeks....


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