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 Posted: Feb 7th, 2007 09:40 PM
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The next step is choosing what kind of cable you are going to use, depending on what you have and/or what you are going to plug it into.

Here's a picture of cables which you will probably use. You'll need one that you aren't attached to because we're going to cut one end off.

The one on the top is a standard 1/8 inch plug - the kind you use for your walkman, headphones, and such.
The one on the bottom is a 1/4 inch plug - the kind used for guitars and such.

Of course, an adapter will easily swith from one to the other - what matters is how the cable is made.
          If you were to use the 1/8 inch cable, when you cut it you will most likely have a red and black cable inside, side by side. The black will be ground, and the red will be where the signal comes in.
          If you were to use the 1/4 inch cable, when you cut it you will have wires underneath the first layer of outer sheath which will be considered the ground. They will most likely run all around the outer sheath. After you have neatly twisted and separated these ground wires, you will need to shear the inner sheath to find the wire used for the signal - the one you'll attach the germanium diode to.

Here's a pic of cables.



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