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 Posted: Feb 7th, 2007 09:31 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Vicki,

Unfortunately, I'm no electronics wizard myself. I try to learn as I go. Perhaps someone will be able to assist us with the specifics.

I'll give you some of the information that I have today........will finish this post this weekend.

First - two considerations. This clip was filtered "live" with DCSix. Also, the audio is so low that you will most likely need some type of mixer or amplifier to be able to turn it up loud enough to hear it. It's highly likely that if you put it together incorrectly you may not be able to hear anything at all. Perhaps some computers are able to amplify it enough.

As far as what a germanium dioe is and how it works....I don't have much information, as I don't know yet. Here's what they look like.


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