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 Posted: Nov 20th, 2007 05:49 PM
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"Personally, I feel that Spiricom was real"

It was Keith.  Only once did anyone attempt to debunk it; and that was only based on Dr. Mueller's photograph.  The photograph submitted by the Metascience Foundation was Dr. Mueller, as seen in the Spiricom Technical Manual.  The photographs submitted from NASA, were simply another person with the same last name, but the introductionary literature showing his middle initail crossed out.  Thanks Big Brother, I really feel protected now.

Well, how about that?  Even the debunker could not say "it is not true...".

It did happen, and as one reads the Spiricom Technical Manual, one realizes that the approach was open-minded, and scientific.  Even the Spirit scientists were interested, involved, and submitted very valuable information, and excitation to assist in the evolvement of Spiricom. 

It is because of these facts that we cannot let the research fail.  We must move forward, and continue their excellent work. 

I thank you for your support in this blessed endeavor.  Whatever the outcome, we will establish 2-way contact!


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