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 Posted: Nov 20th, 2007 07:45 AM
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After a slightly renewed interest this thread dedicated to Spiricom has been created. Since the work of George Meek and William O'Neil in the late seventies, early eighties....there have been many people who have attempted to duplicate these results.

The exact number of attempts is unknown, but I expect it may range up into several hundred at least. Yet nowhere can these attempts be found on the internet for comparison and discussion. The time has come to work together and share ideas, software samples, theories, and discussion about Spiricom. This thread will keep this area of research alive.

Personally, I feel that Spiricom was real, or at least that certain aspects of it were genuine, that it was accomplished through application of physical mediumship, and that it can be accomplished again. One of my main "goals" at this time is to continue working with a Spiricom project until success has been met. I have dabbled with it before, now I will push forward with it.

I have heard samples from several different people who have attempted Spiricom - which was encouraging. Everyone is welcome to post their attempts here.

Please remember that we only need a sample (5-30sec), not a long drawn out session of "hum." Please also remember that it is NOT necessary for other people to 
be able to interpret your impossible-to-hear recordings. We do NOT want to see people pretending to understand the non-intelligible. This forum is for moral and experimental support.  

This thread is here with the understanding that the methodology used in Spiricom may be usefully applied towards work with spirit............. and even though people may have differing opinions as to the validity of the Spiricom work, what is more important is the inspiration it has spurned as experimenters work towards their goals. The simple fact of the matter is: if someone applies themselves wholeheartedly towards an area of work in communication with spirit - they will have some measure of success - and their belief in this can partially serve to aid in the creation of that success.

Please also post any additional information you have.