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 Posted: Feb 1st, 2007 03:35 AM
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Brian Jones

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     Hey there Vicki,
            thank you for the comments... I heard the " S " as in Davis the next day after resting.... believe me, that sort of thing bugs me, so I very much look forward to clarifying much through technology if it is possible to do so.. I just got done pulling " reversals " out of President Bush's state of the union speech from a couple weeks ago.. The ones I am presenting on DJO's show in a couple days will be positive...

I have been burning the stick of dynamite at both ends, especially for the past two weeks... SO MUCH to do to be ready for this show.. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself.. it's not so much for David's show, but to pay more dues, and hopefully be earning credit all the way around. I should be able to link this archived show on my website.. I've got a friend in Utah that's got some pretty neat things related to I.T.C. coming up, and I think things are getting better all the way around.

I'm aiming to be able to devote a few hours to conducting my very second recording experiment with my latest I.T.C. instrument tomorrow night. I have a feeling that this latest set up really has some potential, and I am going to see about getting some great samples of EVP for this Friday night's show.

Here's another EVP from the same single experiment with this latest combo set up.

           Brian .....................

BTW : my labels are just my impression.. I'm not saying I've nailed it !

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