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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2007 12:18 PM
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In this message, Montague Keen:

Warns about people who are watching the development of the Montague Keen website whose intention will be to discredit Veronica & Montague Keen and the Foundation.

How the changes and shifts in our world will be in part, led by ordinary people who have no restrictions or boundaries, people who have a strong desire to learn the truth.

How the spirit side will help produce events and progression in stages, with breaks in between to ensure ample time for recovery by Veronica.

Changes are happening in America, and will follow in the U.K. 

All dishonest parties who stand in the way of progress will be dealt with by the spirit side. A great "shift" in the consciousness of man has already begun.


Please read the full message at the Montague Keen Foundation.

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