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 Posted: Oct 11th, 2007 04:32 AM
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Hello Keith,

I was searching for some infos on EVP and germanium diodes, so I found this site. I'm from Germany and my English ist not very good. But I must answer you, because you recorded some very clear voices (at least to me) in german in your recording "diode2.mp3".

I found 4 voices, 2 of them in the reversed signal:

1. "Wir wollen reden mit dir." - "We want to talk with you."
2. "Wir leben hier, wir hören euch noch." - "We live here. We still hear you."
3. "Hier sind die Toten." (reversed) - "Here are the dead."
4. "Ich lebe hier weiter. Alle Sinne sind mir geblieben." (reversed) - "I live on here. All my senses remained."

My translation ist not very good, especially the last one. And I don't know why they talk in German to you, but these voices are so clear that I want you to know this.

I will attach the snippets.

Thank you!


Attachment: Wir wollen reden mit dir.mp3 (Downloaded 880 times)