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 Posted: Sep 26th, 2007 10:12 AM
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Well, I have been researching the paranormal way too long to discount anything as being impossible. I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of a "non-hertzian" wave. If its a wave then it is bound by time and energy just like a "hertzian" or electromagnetic wave.

Wait a minute....I do know of non-hertzian waves and it does fit in with not only their communication but everything else. Scalar waves are more like ripples of subquantum tachyon (faster than the speed of light) type particles. It has been suggested by "technician" and his like that the physical world is a result or construct of the ripple down effect of the worlds above it. So the tachyon type particles and the disruptions they cause in the void ripple and slow down to form dense matter.

With communication it would still work with harmonics. With our radios we are catching the result (lower harmonics) of "non-hertzian" broadcast waves that are slowing to form the hertzian (radio waves). That would account for the distortion, endless filtering and bad quality of the recordings. What we need to do is design a system that will receive the scalar waves of subtle energy and process that down to an audio signal we can hear in real time. More of a translator than a  radio! LOL

The only thing I know of that can do that is our minds!


Frank R.