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 Posted: Sep 25th, 2007 08:33 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Frank,

Honestly, your technical knowledge far surpasses mine. All the Army taught me (or all that I remember) is how to listen for "dits" and "dahs". I'm just beginning to attempt to understand basic electronics and radio.

I can't say that this experiment is set up properly or even imitates the principles noted by Rogers & others.....and I haven't yet noticed any change other than a minor difference in radio signal quality and strength. Heck, as it is I'm not even sure what effect the "mods" on my radio setup have had. I just figured I'd try it, or at least get as close as I can to understanding by trial and error. (Got a long way to go)

If I understand it correctly, the proper use of a "ground" antenna and setup is capable of receiving "non-hertzian" waves and is supposed to be impervious or less affected by atmospheric conditions, etc. From the little bit that I have read it seems there is an idea that there are "currents" or forces of some kind flowing through the earth which may propagate in a different manner than ordinary radio "reflection." It is said that these can be used for several different applications such as radio and electricity. Well, that's about all I know or understand at this point.

Do I think that my current setup properly uses these principles? Um, no. I suppose I can figure that out over time, and perhaps with assistance. My first idea was to at least try the shortwave receiver experiment mentioned in the post.

Your input is definitely welcome. What do you think is possible??