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 Posted: Sep 23rd, 2007 06:37 PM
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After reading the information posted by Robert concerning radio experiments with "non-Hertzian waves" I decided to give it a try. I even read one of Tesla's papers on wireless power. This post will show what I have done so far, and is open to ideas and criticism.

Currently all I have are small consumer radios - 4 or 5 different kinds. I don't have a cb type radio yet, hope to acquire one in the future. I didn't want to wait until other equipment showed up (vlf receiving converter and shortwave radio 4-20mhz kit), so I decided to go ahead and see how good I could make do with what I have.

Since spirit has been in contact with me for almost two years by now, I figured that provides a great opportunity to try new things because I always have a reference point. If the new ideas don't work - it doesn't matter because they still maintain contact through all of our previously established methods. I can always come back to the previous setup - and they're still there.  (Once you know you have established contact with spirit it can be hard to "abandon" your link of contact to try new techniques in hopes of achieving results. Then again, that is what experimenting is all about, isn't it?)

My electronics knowledge is very basic, I seem to get better as time goes on. The first thing I did was take my least prized radio (the smaller Eton-e10) and open it up. It was then that I saw what I figured to be the "internal loop antenna" that most radios have. After much pondering I decided to take it out. You can find pictures of this in the download below. Since the plan is to avoid as much aerial reception, I decided to remove it.

It may be important to note that once the internal loop antenna and external telescopic antenna was removed it was still possible to receive radio broadcasts at a decent signal strenght - most notably in the fm range. I don't know why this is - perhaps there is still more internal circuitry such as coils that make this possible? Well, as I said - you get what you pay for - it's reasonable to conclude that a higher grade quality receiver (which is intended for internal antenna removal) would have different results.

I've had a 8 foot ground rod about 5 feet into the earth for um, maybe a year or so. Man, that thing was quite a pain to drive down. Took me a couple of hours before I finally quit trying. I figured 5 feet was enough. I unhooked the bare copper ground wire that was connected to a terminal in the shed - I was planning on using this for my ground antenna.

As instructed, I made the insulated wire lead short - 2 feet to be exact. I connected one end to the ground rod, the other to the external antenna lead of the shortwave radio. The radio is now using batteries only.

Well, that's it. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it? (Well, it had to be or it would have taken me much longer to accomplish it.)

**************So now for the results so far.******************


O.K. So, in a nutshell spirit has been communicating through radio for almost 2 years now. They come through a number of radios simultaneously, being:

Eton E-100   (generally any frequency from 2500khz to 29mhz)
Eton E-10     (same as above)
Emerson am/fm/weatherband radio  (1730khz)

Basically the signal appears on more than one radio, indicating that the method they are using is not frequency-specific. What does matter is how well you can hear their signal on a given frequency dependent upon how atmospheric conditions affect that frequency. Basically, it does not matter what frequency I tune to. I tune the radios to find which frequency allows their signal to "show up" the strongest.

Weather does have a direct influence. When I tried this experiment on Friday night, it just happened to be raining. I could hear them, but it was so faint and slight that it was barely even noticeable. On the contrary, today's weather is bright and beautiful - and so is their radio contact.


Did I find any difference between the radio going to ground and the other aerial radios? Well, as far as general frequency coverage - yes, the signals were quite strong. In fact, some fm stations were so loud that I almost couldn't tune them without the radio output clipping. As a result, the volume was turned down to almost nil. I can reasonably conclude that yes, as far as what I have seen and felt so far - there is credence to the use of a ground antenna. (Keeping in mind that there may be ways in which I could definitely improve this type of experiment.)


Did I notice any difference in the communication of my spirit team as compared to those received by the radios with the aerial antenna? No, I haven't observed any difference yet, but this certainly doesn't mean that it can't happen. Besides, if ground radio makes use of "non-Hertzian waves" and I have it set up right, then we can consider that the technique used by spirit could also be different. And if that's the case, then it takes time for them to adjust or develop their means of communicating through a different avenue. Also, I will try vlf soon, and I am hoping that this ground rod connection will prove to be quite useful.

How did I compare the reception of spirit's radio attempts between aerial and ground? That's easy. All I have to do is listen to them, as they are usually on most of the day. Two radios are currently "aerial", the other one "grounded".  First, granted it is assumed that I set things up right. Second, I also mentioned above that if a radio transmission through the earth uses different techniques, then I wouldn't even recognize how it would sound until it actually occurred. I listened as they came through all 3 radios simultaneously today, all with approximately the same strength. I can say that the ground radio is about 20% stronger in signal strength as seen by the digital display graph.

Other observations I made were simply tuning through all different radio bands - ie. am, fm, shortwave, pb, cb, etc. - and noting the apparent signal strength.
I also pulled the plug to the extension cord running all of these items in the shed - with the ground battery-powered radio as the exception. I saw no change in the signal.

Status:  Currently I have two radios with aerial antennas and one battery-powered radio going directly to ground from the antenna lead. I will continue to pursue this method of receiving radio signals through ground, and am open to - even requesting critical radio advice.

Naturally, after these two years I can still say that I do not understand how spirit send their signals through the radio, nor do I know any other technical information regarding it. At best, I can only observe what affects it - whether it be electrical influence or weather. Not one to leave everything to spirit, I have also tried numerous software programs, audio editing, live filtering, and software radios. I try to narrow the gap - and I do, no matter in what small way it is noted.

Regardless of whether I understand it or not - spirit has been, still is, and will continue working on this area until we are successful.

If anyone wants to throw ideas around, you're welcome to do so. If I made some mistakes and you have the technical knowledge to steer me right - don't be bashful.

Will post updates.



Pictures of Experiment