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 Posted: Sep 19th, 2007 07:16 PM
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This post includes instructions for the building and use of the underground Roger's antenna.



Posted by Robert Felix


To do the experiments in 'ground radio' or sub-surface radio, you must have a valid Amateur Radio License.  In the United States, ANY legal visitor(tourist or other visa), resident alien, or person with student visa or work permit can apply, they must furnish a valid US street address so the license papers can be sent. For further information:

  •  =The Amateur Radio Relay League, represents 'hams' in USA
    • Classes in basic radio and code practice(5 words per minute receive and write down) are given at local Amateur Radio Societies. Presently, there is NO requirement to learn Morse Code to get the license-the General and higher class of  Amateur Radio Examination requires mastery of basic electrical theory and International Radio laws and regulations.  Classes are free and information about location of nearest class given at top of ARRL Web Page.
    • An experimenter with sub-surface of 'Underground Radio' will need a "General" class of Amateur Radio Operators license to experiment with sub surface radio, since these licenses give access to the High Frequency Bands= 1800-2000khz(180 meters) to 10 meters(28mhz) that this 'Underground Radio' modality works in.  [Click 'Licensing'/Exams for times&dates in USA. US license exams also given in Germany,Britan,Japan,Poland for researchers intending to visit USA who want our Amateur license BEFORE they come to visit here.  [Click Licensing/Exams/Exam Question Pools for material to be studied online.] 
    • The United States recognizes the Amateur Radio Operator licences of most all countries in the European Union, [Click 'Licensing'/"Reciprocal International Licensing"] and in other parts of the world as well. They also recognize 'ours'.

For low power receivers and transmitters that are ideal for ground radio experiments:

These receiver kits work from a nine volt transistor radio battery&are designed for the HF Amateur bands, AM/SSB/CW modes. AM &SSB recieve the human voice and are ideal for EVP experimental work. Cost:$39.95+S&H

  • HR-20C =20 meter receiver
  • HR-30C= 30 meter receiver
  • HR-40C= 40 meter receiver
  • SR2-C = Shortwave receiver, 4-20megahertz. (good for ship to shore marine bands, international aircraft)
  • A low power transmitter for amateur bands+output power amplifier-20 watts output & battery powered also for sale. Power with batteries ONLY for Underground Wireless/Antenna work-the Rogers system!
  • We would use only the Amateur or ship to shore marine bands, since EVP Spirit voice manifestations seem to be associated with live human voices(i.e. Ham QSL's or talk) and not with pre-recorded or 'canned' commercial broadcasting.  Use of ship to shore or marine bands might also be productive-the stilted,repititive and limited vocabulary of nautical terms used by these workers-ships radio operators talking live- make EVP messages stand out as opposed to 'normal' human conversation.  The same also applies to the aircraft bands.   For direct recording of an amateur or ham QSL, Sarah Estep's 'reverse tape' technique-reversing the recording by playing the tape reels backward as she describes in her book Voices Of Eternity(available from: or in full download mentioned here) used on an amateur radio operator's conversation will make the recorded human voice play backwards. Software such as Cool Edit 96(available in full download) or the editing software described in the American Association Electronic Voices Phenomena website []] will also electronically reverse speech -the amateur radio QSL or conversations-this may reveal EVP voice overs when these conversations are played backwards.  Ms. Estep originally used the VHF aircraft bands just above the commercial FM broadcast bands-conversations between the pilots and airport control tower-to record for EVP using the 'reverse voice' technique. The difference: here we are applying Ms. Estep's discovery or technique to the HF 180 to 10 meter amateur bands using the Rogers Underground Antenna or non-Hertzian antenna receiving system. Alec MacRae recording in an electromagnetically shielded and sound proofed room at a laboratory in California several years ago- found that EVP voices entities use 'non-Hertzian' electromagnetic radiation; would using a 'non-Hertzian' receiving antenna like the Rogers sub surface or underground wireless system or others described in the download be more productive of high quality Voices manifestations-since 'we' are also using a system to receive 'non-Hertzian' radiation that perhaps they more directly use?   Remember, as in the 'radio technique' discovered by Dr. Raudive one can also tune between amateur conversations and record in the empty areas where there is only slight background noise-spirit Voices or EVP also may manifest there, too. It is believed or hypothesized  by some experimenters that Spirit working through EVP technique uses the vibrational energies in live broadcast human voices to give clearer and louder "class A" as Ms. Estep and others label this, EVP Spirit voices when recording.  We have found this to be so using 'reverse voice' technique described; does this also work for you?  Can we draw any 'hard and fast' conclusions yet concerning this observation?