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 Posted: Sep 16th, 2007 11:51 AM
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Brian Jones

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 Hey folks,

Here is a sample I found on my digital recorder... I had just deleted all 28 files, and wanted to get a battery level check... as far as I know, the recorder has to be in the record mode for the battery level meter to be shown...

I just said the short bit with an aussie accent for the heck of it... upon playback, I clearly heard this voice... which for me, says " center ".  The word center has meaning for me... I am at a point where I am putting a LOT together in order to take my work with audio  to some very serious levels... 

I realize that " focus " or being " centered " is absolutely essential... so whether this evp manifestation was another spirit, or my own mental energies showing up this way.. it's right on time !!

                                            Brian J.

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