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 Posted: Jan 5th, 2007 04:14 PM
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Just some background about myself from an article - rob
Electronic Voice Phenomena  or EVP - is that process by which humans who have transitioned the physical plane use the availability of sound and image to communicate again with those on this plane through the static and 'white noise' of modern electronic devices.

Australia's foremost EVPer is Rob Smith. Rob's indepth understanding and research of the EVP phenomenea has led to appearances on Radio and Television as well as establishing himself as a firm favourite and regular contributor to 'Haunted Australia'

Rob is a Australian member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon , currently managed by Tom and Lisa Butler and is hoping to establish an Australian Association of Instrumental Trans Communication.

He is 59 years old, lives in Melbourne, a former Uniting Church Minister and Funeral Celebrant who works as a Field Liaison Officer for Foxtel Subscription TV.

How did he get involved in the world of psychics, mediums and voices from other dimensions?

Rob believes his years as a  Uniting  Church minister and the traumas related to his real life and death experiences have made him receptive to contacts in the ethereal realms.

A daily life entrenched in the day-to-day traumas of death and loss - and the many personal grief issues surrounding the loss of loved ones seems to have opened a door to afterlife communication.    

In his search to find further clarification of his new experience, he happened across the website of the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena and decided to explore its concept of "Survival Hypothesis" further.

By modern estimates, there are nearly seven billion audio and video devices in homes around the world ... and every one of them is a potential portal to the afterlife!

For two decades now, a growing worldwide movement is gaining momentum among a growing number of people who believe in EVP and who themselves have captured extraordinary messages from the realms of unseen worlds.   These transmissions, often recorded with simple household devices, force us to question our basic notions about life and death and seem to confirm what many of us have dared to believe: we have the means for the dead and other entities to communicate directly with us.

All we have to do is believe the fact that this is possible - and then simply listen .

For over two decades, we have accrued a great deal of documentation and speculation about a method of tracking and recording those who have transitioned from the physical state into the world beyond.

EVP is much more than some meaningless premise created by Hollywood for the purpose of adding another 'edge' to a supernatural thriller like 'White Noise'.  It is a highly researched, increasingly widely practiced - yet little exposed paranormal phenomenon with devotees around the globe.

Right this minute, thousands of people are recording verifiable indisputable evidence with recordings and images (Instrumental Trans Communication or ITC ) of their relatives and loved ones (and not-so-loved ones!) who have transitioned from the physical state to the realms of spirit.   A common thread among these various global groups is the firm belief that intelligences in unseen dimensions are desperate to communicate with us and are using our modern technology to do so.

His first recording sounded like an alien sounding voice stated, " Welcome to the Crowd ".

A few days later Rob was overwhelmed to hear the actual voice of his Mother who 'died' in 1988 saying, " Hello Robert " in her own inimitable English voice.   

 It wasn't long before his Grandfather "James" who passed in 1989, came through with a frustratingly directed comment, “ Robert .... Why so long !!" and then, " Hard Luck I say Robert !" pertaining to his partner's medical issue -  

 Then his Grandmother, 'Gladys' was recorded saying to him, " Accept things Robert !"

Rob's involvement with EVP escalated from this point and he continues to reach out concurrently to the realm of spirit and the physical having recorded many entities from beyond and photographed spirit beings via a digital camera.

EVP is now a way of life for Rob who records on PC/IC and Tape Voice Recorders and to hear him describe his urge to communicate with those, 'on the other side' is a concept that has taken the imaginations of all those whom he comes into contact.

His alternate email contact is [email protected]  for any Australians interested in exploring the exciting and often challenging world of EVP and ITC research.