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 Posted: Apr 21st, 2018 06:05 AM
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I believe those who pass on remain at the same age in spirit (contrary to what some others believe..that spirits can choose to be whatever age in spirit, as it wouldn't make sense to hear so many old people in spirit, surely they would all want to revert to a younger age?) I believe all beings go to heaven..even your humble pigeon..references to my dead pigeons (several over the years) being in heaven / mention of them returning (reincarnating) even telling me when..they have been accurate- no mistaking the individual characteristics. The way spirits make reference to the dead person or animal returning (reincarnating) it's like the same entity is returning, to them the person IS the soul, the body is merely the clothing you might say. Often spirits reincarnate into the same family line..though can take years. Strangely spirits have never said "reincarnating"? it's always "returning".. "coming back".. at times also give me the month--in respect to my pigeons that is, spirits have yet to tell me when a deceased person is coming back.