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 Posted: Feb 2nd, 2018 07:45 PM
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In this clip you will not hear any live human voices or whispers,
The reason for this recording is because I believed to be hearing whistle's in a certain area of a house and I wanted to try and capture it. I would always notice the whistling when I was alone. So I decided to carry my recorder (Olympus3100PC with an attached microphone) in my shirt pocket if or when I was in this area of the house. As an added Note I always get this uneasy feeling when in this area..Hence The reason for this recording in the first place.
At roughly 1AM this morning I woke because nature was calling and would have to walk through this particular area, So I grabbed my recorder turned it on and placed in my t-shirt pocket and went about my business,It was only later that I noticed that the sounds of me placing the recorder in my pocket sounded interesting.
I know its just the sounds of me placing the recorder in my pocket But I also believe to be hearing a whisper saying something like " I'm With Death" or could be "I'm With Beth"
Can You Hear it?
Like I say "Interesting Sound Anomaly"

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