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 Posted: Jan 22nd, 2018 02:04 AM
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Tobias Claren wrote: Did you mean the circuit on post 6, or the third circuit from the book picture?

There a many people they build and use the "Raudive Diode", and some sell this cheap devices for 50 dollars 0_o, but there are better technologies?
Why? Is this "inter-frequency based Goniometer" (on this photo in this transparent box?) better?
Is this actually the most effective technology? Is this a "active" technology?
Because, it seems the "psychophone" spend energy to the entities for builduing their words with EM energy.
Their are german sentences "blitz abdreh" in a ITC article.
"blitz" ("Lightning") means, that the field strength is to strong.
And "abdreh" (correct "abdrehen") is a imperative for "turn off".
Because "Blitz wie Beil im Hirn" means "Lightning like ax in the brain".

But this "Geniometer" is very complex and expensive to build?
Is this actually the best technology?
Or what is actually the BEST known technology (is there an other thread?)?

Your response brings up the basic question that a lot of folks want to know:

"What works best"

The short answer is Nothing Works Best.  If one process worked the best you would have already heard about it.  It would be all over the news, newspapers,  etc.

Devices like the Raudive Diode,  Goniometer,  Psychophone and the rest came about back in the 1970's.  They've been tried over and over again and all of them faded away over time.

While traditional EVP efforts remain till this day,  the method most used by researchers was inter-frequency.

This is nothing more that tuning a radio to the white noise between stations.  Various
frequencies were used depending on the work of previous researchers and availability of radio reception in your local area.

After about the year 2000,  radio sweep slowly took over the field.  This method is also called Ghost Boxes, spirit Boxes, Radio Sweep and occasionally Broken Radios. 

These radios are modified to continuously sweep through the particular radio band (AM / FM) without really stopping long enough on any one channel before continuing the sweep.

While these devices remain popular,  their design is radio based and will never pass a Cage Match.

What this means is,  to make the scientific claim that ghost boxes work,  one must attempt to scientifically prove that the output is not being influenced by the cross modulations of radio signals.

Placing a ghost box into a Faraday cage reduced the device to a very expensive white noise generator.

Other resources for the experimenter involve apps for smart phones and computers.  These products have produced differing levels of success depending on the app.

Some people have experimented with what is called live streaming of tones and other variants.  This community is probably the smallest of research tools currently available.

People still do traditional EVP research and use methods that range from recording in total silence to the use of background textures like colored noise to gibberish to foreign language audio to reversed audio.

I guess the bottom line of which technology to use largely depends on one's goals and level of instant gratification.

People who do traditional evp are usually into it for the long haul while folks who employ radio sweep and apps are more apt to want a less rigorous method for possible communication.

Of course,  this is jut one person's opinion so it should be taken with a grain of salt.