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 Posted: Jan 18th, 2018 12:22 AM
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Did you mean the circuit on post 6, or the third circuit from the book picture?

There a many people they build and use the "Raudive Diode", and some sell this cheap devices for 50 dollars 0_o, but there are better technologies?
Why? Is this "inter-frequency based Goniometer" (on this photo in this transparent box?) better?
Is this actually the most effective technology? Is this a "active" technology?
Because, it seems the "psychophone" spend energy to the entities for builduing their words with EM energy.
Their are german sentences "blitz abdreh" in a ITC article.
"blitz" ("Lightning") means, that the field strength is to strong.
And "abdreh" (correct "abdrehen") is a imperative for "turn off".
Because "Blitz wie Beil im Hirn" means "Lightning like ax in the brain".

But this "Geniometer" is very complex and expensive to build?
Is this actually the best technology?
Or what is actually the BEST known technology (is there an other thread?)?

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