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 Posted: Jan 16th, 2018 07:21 PM
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The short answer is yes,  you can use a dynamic mic by removing the microphone and replacing it with a diode.  Peeps have done this with old crappy radio shack mics.

What I don't know about is the phantom voltage used with XLR's.  I wouldn't worry about the metal mesh.  Faraday cage would help eliminate cross modulation from radio frequencies.  I would imagine you would want to use a good quality shielded cable for the same reason.

Raudive diode circuits are quite varied from the complex to the incredibly simple.

There are some inexpensive versions available on ebay:

The ones coming from Arizona are made by Matt Nigbur.

Here is a demo video of his diode:

If you want a basic basic basic diode setup for a digital recorder, all you need is a diode and microphone jack.  (see pic)

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