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 Posted: Jan 16th, 2018 04:41 PM
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Is there actuall THE best Layout?

Number 3 with "aerial" antenna? What is the best Antenna? Frequency?
Actuall, there ready made offers with a simple coin-like copper plate as "antenna". Is this design OK, or bad quality?
Number 2 looks more complex, but more ineffective?
Or from Post #6? But there is a input for a regular sound wave microphone.
I think, a discrete channel, only with em input is better (proof, that this sounds are not air vibration sound). Or?

And my idea... would it possible, to build a "Raudive Diode" in a old/cheap XLR-Microphone hull?
This would very comfortable to hold in the hand, hold by regular microphone stand, and connect it over XLR with a field recorder like Fostex FR-2LE.
But a "Dynamic Microphone" has a metal basket cage above. A faraday cage. Also the grip. Is this a problem? Or is this mesh cage without compromises useable as antenna?
For example, here is a image of a classical microphone:

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