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 Posted: Jan 1st, 2018 01:18 PM
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I recently have relocated to a place of my wife's family and they have a little boy who will soon turn 6 years old.
His Mom told me that he has this unusual strong interest in Ghost's and Evp's.
His favorite show on TV is one of the longest running one's there is.
It's funny talking with him that I find that this kid is pretty smart when it comes to the whole subject.
He found out that I record for Evp's (from his mom) and has started asking me a lot of questions about it. I decided to show him some of the tools that we use and how they work, as an experiment I was going to record his voice and let him listen to it.
The plan was to add some reverb to it and let him listen to it as if he was talking in a cave. In this recording you will hear me say "ok Go ahead" then he will say
 "My name is(removed for privacy) and then I tell him to "Speak up". again he repeats himself.upon playback I noticed that just before he speaks I believe to be hearing a "Hi" which does not repeat the second time when he speaks up.Him and I were the only ones around when this was recorded.
Looks like more testing is ahead?

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