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 Posted: Nov 9th, 2017 10:40 PM
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The "fix" was a change in software that makes that DR60 less sensitive. If you have the microphone all the way turned up AND volume control all the way turned up - in a quiet location....the recorder will cycle into the VOX (voice activated) feature, and the recording will STOP until the background noise level increases to allow recording to start up again. You can tell if voice activation is happening because the red light will flash on and off in a quiet area (like a closet or something). *Be sure you have the mic and volume on max or even the older "non fixed" DR60's will VOX. Reason being not as good is because the EVP's are mostly very near the static levels - most silent areas of the recordings.

You can tell if you have the non fixed DR60 a different way too (or same to determine the other) and that is to have microphone on maximum, volume turned up to maximum...

Now push record - if you have the older variety you will hear a HISS sound (white noise) coming out of the DR60 speaker - not out of the "fixed" variety.

You MIGHT get better results with the less sensitive DR60 by putting a low volume white noise source close enough to not be to loud, but enough to just keep the recorder from tripping into voice activation feature.

I have 2 of the older DR60's and 1 of the FIXED. I bought a random white source generator and had planned on trying what I mentioned above -- but I moved twice and don't know where I put the newer recorder. I'm well aware of where my two older units are tho.