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 Posted: May 16th, 2017 11:22 PM
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On a mission to inspire everyone to communicate with spirit realm (one of 2 'divine missions' hope to achieve and leave as a legacy).
Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) was discovered as far back as mid last century, why it still hasn't captured the interest of the broad public is in large part due to the lack of publicity--has only ever been pockets of publicity here and there in the media.
Benefits of spirit communication;
- Broadens one's perspective on life
- Sobering, in the knowledge there are eyes & ears everywhere; you soon discover all of life is transparent (to someone!)
- Fosters a saner, better behaved world in the evidential knowledge that life continues on--with anticipated consequences for bad behaviour
- Potential to allay grief over loss of loved ones
- Proven prophetic function of spirits with psychic ability / or otherwise may avail of predictions from higher sources?
- Proven ability to diagnose illness / potential aid to medical research..via ability to inspire.
- Proven ability to aid crime fighting. I've personally heard from murder victims identifying their killer! (just need prosecutors to come round!)
- Serving as allies. Can be helpful in respect to personal matters, matters relating to one's home..for they see and hear almost everything.
- Of course the more electronic buffs engaged in research and development, the quicker expedition of advancing communication tools and devices.
- An additional recreational pastime to keep people outta mischief - literally!