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 Posted: May 12th, 2017 03:48 PM
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Hello. As a mathematician and physicist I recently focused on logical arguments for the fundamental character of consciousness with my site
Now I thought about how to make it easy for minds to act on matter for producing images. First thing is the need of hardware random generators. Second is a good software to use this random source efficiently to produce images. I have ideas how such a software should be designed. I think it should be simple, in order to make it simple for spirits to operate it as well :wink:
Consider how a painting is produced : not in one shot but by a long series of small corrections. Not only it is the normal way for painters, but also because as mind-matter interaction operates by a bias it gives to random effects, it may be unreliable at each single step but more reliable when counted as end result of a large number of small random progressions continuously observed. This is the same principle by which loop techniques already work : the loop roughly repeats a given image with slight modifications each time (fraction of a second). If any programmer is interested to try, please email me ( and I'll describe my ideas in more technical details.