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 Posted: Mar 30th, 2017 06:12 PM
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I doubt I'll ever disassemble it but I'll definitely take pics if I do!

I used it once so far, in a paranormal investigation a few weeks ago. The good news is I recorded 5 files of sessions.

Bad and unexplained news?  I removed the batteries (only way to power it off aside from just reversing one battery), and it sat for several days while I was waiting for this adapter to arrive so I could transfer the audio.

While I was waiting for the adapter to come, one night I put the batteries back in to listen to my stuff through the recorder's speaker.  All 5 files were gone.  NO idea how that happened. According to the manual the recordings are unaffected when you leave batteries out longer than 3 min. 

I believe sometimes entities can and do cause date to be erased from devices - I've had it happen on video equipment (Xcam SLS) and I have also spoken with other investigators who have experienced it. 

Has anyone else heard of any issues with losing recordings on their RR-DR60's??