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 Posted: Mar 28th, 2017 01:07 PM
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Hello everyone!!! :biggrin: I wanted to see if everybody here is experiencing the same thing.

Lately every location my crew has visited has been insanely active. Even the staff members of the bigger name locations have stated there's been a difference the past few months.

Locations we've known for a long time have all of a sudden become INSANELY active.

And now, at my house, I'm getting Class A responses every day.

The veil is super thin right now and I love it.

Have you all noticed the same thing?

Here's some of my best EVP's currently released :

JAN.17th 2017 - TONS of INCREDIBLY CLEAR EVP's, back to back to back. Does anyone else get these at their house?

DEC.25th 2016 - for me, this was the start of getting and finding CONSTANT EVP's in my recordings.

I've gotten way more since then, I just haven't processed and uploaded them yet. If you liked them please join me on the YouTubes as well!

Do you think the veil is thinning as well?

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