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 Posted: Feb 16th, 2017 12:21 PM
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I went into the Jewish section of a local cemetery to get some "proof" that the spirit voices were real (I had recorded many up to this point).

PROOF was for others as I know they are real.

The full original recording included me asking if there was anyone with a Jewish accent to as to reduce peoples thoughts of a "coincidence"....

When played back I get "Jim (my name)....Salonika.....Hanukkah" rapidly spoken.

Both "Salonika" and "Hanukkah" are firmly tied to the Jewish population.

When you reverse this EVP you will hear " Oh Boy It's A Helluva State"

* I have to admit - now being a few years I listen to this over my speakers, It doesn't sound quite as easy to distinguish each word as I quoted. I need to look into this. Might be some corrupted files.

I should have multiple copies of this EVP in different places.

But you can certainly hear 2 different voices and speaking different sentences, depending on the direction you playback.

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