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 Posted: Jan 8th, 2017 10:29 PM
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Maybe it's a bit late to reply ... but yeah, it's 2017 and not so long ago I've watched the documentary. The positive thing I find is that it is wide ranging: it tries to cover almost everything the Scole experiments were able to produce. On the other hand, I find it odd that most of the stuff are just not publicly available. Except for the "photographs" from the sealed films. So I've written for both SPR and a for the owners of a blog ( which are supposed to be Robin and Sandra Foy themselves. I asked them about the VHS tapes and about the "cross-conversation" about astrophysics with an entity. I think it's just too bad these evidence materials merely come and go (for instance the Schreiber and Fischbach clips were up on YT then vanished) but they are not collected into one big archive. (Luckily some new stuff have appeared since that I'm going to share in another thread.)