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 Posted: Dec 27th, 2016 03:13 AM
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Yep, it's in the original post, but hopefully I can clarify the method..
Main thing, is that it is from the 1990's and takes the small tapes...they work the best for voice clarity, rather than purely digital which have a low sample rate. Voice recordings don't need to be CD quality, but that means bad quality recordings as evidence !

Most machines run on a 9V wall adapter. What you can do, is chop off the power lead half way along and instead connect a 9V battery to the wires. Same thing, but you've now made it portable :)

Next, is to record the 'outgoing message'. Most machines allow any length of message to be recorded. They sense the stopping of that recording and play from the tape start to that point each time someone wants to leave a message.
So, you just leave it recording, to the full tape length if wished.
If you open the machine up, you can extend the microphone wires, or replace the mic for a better one.

All in all, for the usual cost of a dollar or two from junk shops, they make a great piece of extra equipment.
Do buy up some new tapes though's always better to use a brand new one or thoroughly degaussed/blanked one for any EVP recording session. Lastly, if you press 'play' with no tape in and the power off, you can clean the recording and playback head with an alcohol wetted cotton bud. That always improves the sound of old equipment.

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