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 Posted: Jan 24th, 2016 05:12 PM
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This morning I did a recording for evp,
I noticed that just after I said "Thank You" there was a sound that most people would say that this is from turning OFF the recorder.(or some other junk noise)
I dis-agree, I say that its an evp being recorded at a faster speed (happens all the time)
and just needs to be slowed down to hear it. We don't normally listen at that speed so we ignore it as junk.
In this clip you will hear me say "Thank You" as I finish my recording and then you will hear what I believe to be the words "Think of Us"
(The Dead Not wanting to be forgotten? perhaps?)
You will hear it played 3 times, 1-as it was recorded, 2-25% slower, 3-50% slower

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