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 Posted: Jun 29th, 2015 04:25 PM
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I'm 64 and became aware of "spiritualism" (for want of a better word) about a year ago. Since then I have read many books and signed up for Victor Zammit's "Friday Afterlife Report" in an attempt to learn more.

Although I'm technically (excuse pun) an engineer and an atheist, I have a flair for languages and do a lot of writing. I still consider myself an "atheist" as regards believing in a biblical God but I'm now completely open to learning and no longer discount any possibility. Indeed, since my mom died in February, "coincidences" have occurred that suggest to me some external influence on my life. The latest was a car accident where my little car was hit by a huge lorry and felt as though the rear end had been ripped off. When we got out of the car, the only damage was a broken plastic wheel trim and a scratch in the paintwork! The minimal damage was inconsistent with the force of the collision.

I've been thinking about a "Spiricom" type device:

My ideas are extremely vague at present and the idea only came to me a couple of weeks ago. My first thought was a weak radiation source, of the type we had at school to perform radiation experiments. It emits random electrons or something. I have a recollection of reading about a concept that used such a source to make a very sensitive microphone. I think it was a patent application. (Of course I have no access to such a source on this island - nor am I very keen to mess with one!)

My second thought was for a unit that will generate its own sounds and can not be interfered with by external transmissions. However, my difficulty lies in thinking of a way to make the sound level and frequency variable by a mechanism that might be influenced by thought. I had in mind the capacitance between two gold leafs in an evacuated glass ball but I have no way to produce same. I'm thinking of a Crooke's Radiometer in which the vanes are turned merely by the impact of photons.

I also (just) thought about using a candle flame with a light sensor that could pick up variations in the light intensity. It would need to be mounted inside a small "chimney" to minimise disturbance from outside. This is something crude that could be put together by a complete moron. In theory, all it needs is a photocell, photodiode or phototransistor connected to an audio amplifier and positioned fairly close to the candle flame. Souls might be able to influence the ionised particles in the flame sufficiently to change the inherent "noise".

Since moving to this Greek island, I have no workshop and very little equipment because I fully expected to retire and do no more work! At present I have a "work bench" - a fold-up desk on wheels - in the spare bedroom. I can't use it if we have guests.

Psychos = Greek for Soul or Spirit. It's pronounced "psee hoss".

Psychos (psee hoss) means soul or spirit in Greek.