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 Posted: Jun 26th, 2015 08:29 AM
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I used the FM range on the AMFm shortwave radio. for this. The radio was inexpensive actually I think about $50 CAD. It has a couple ports to hook into a computer which is why I use it.

 This one is similar

 The spirit I work with ( David B.) and I are used to using that range. Shortwave and AM have almost no reception here. and would only be suited for DRV. Manually sweeping the radio stations work well for me unless I want to take out the jukebox, then I have to go to automatic scanning. The entity influences my turning much like an ouija board. It slows the phonics down quite a bit and the answers are easier to pick out.

 This is what I started with and then went to the ghost box as the entity I was working with ( Dr. John Dee  Helped me develop enhancements to the system. ( the jukebox) Personally,  at this point,  I don't use the ITC devices for communication.

The first year, I worked with John, Edward, and David I had to use it as I had no ability to hear. About a year later my clairaudience developed and a couple months after that clairvoyance.   At this point we are working on trance channeling which is the last step before development as a physical medium. So they've taken me from no psychic manifestations to this point. It started with the radio scanning. I train in  Controlled Remote Viewing to learn to control and work with my clairvoyant ability.

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