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 Posted: Dec 6th, 2014 06:53 PM
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I have found recently a lot of what could be called "Transform Evp", I have also tried through the years to find the so called perfect ambient noise that can be played in the background through speakers.
I have tried all the colors of white noise,running and dripping water's,Spiricom tones,crowd noise,etc with limited results but I still was not happy with the results and always looked for something better to help in communications.
Whenever I would run across someones video of an investigation, I would listen to the odd sounds that could not be explained away,most people would just ignore it and not give it a second thought. I found myself taking a closer listen and then started believing that perhaps not all evp's get recorded at the same speeds and any type of noise maybe utilized but listening to the blowing wind speak is a learned thing (lol).
(Sorry I'm Rambling)
In this test recording your about to hear,I had produced an ambient noise recording (Walking in Gravel) to play in the background through my computer speakers to see if it would help in capturing the whispers or voices?

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