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 Posted: Nov 16th, 2014 10:30 PM
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Hi all,

just a short update on my "germanuim diode between magnets" experiments:

At the beginning of november, during the VTF autumn convention on saturday night, me and 3 other persons did a 40 minutes session using my experimental setup. One person addressed Mr. Raudive, and shortly after that, some of us (me including) actually heard the name "Raudive" coming directly out of the speaker. Later at home, I listened again to this recording, and indeed, the name Raudive was really there.

Here's an excerpt from the session - it's recorded in stereo: Left channel = microphone recording, right channel = direct signal from the diode.

- original recording (excerpt)

The word "Raudive" is at about 20s.

The next file is a further excerpt of the right channel (the directly recorded diode noise only) from the above section; the word "Raudive" is at about 6s.

- right channel (direct diode signal)

Now some attempts by differet persons to filter this section:

- filtered by Adobe Audition 1.0
- filtred by Audacity 2.0.3
- filtered by Bias Soundsoap 2 and Waves X-Noise

The entire EVP sounds something like:
"Hörst du mich? Ich lebe! (fantasto) Raudive ... und - Brasil."
("Can you hear me? I'm living! (phantasto) Raudive ... and - Brazil.")

Well, perhaps the result ist not as clear as one would expect from other methods like Ghostbox, Radio or EVPmaker, but nonetheless most impressive for me personally, since nothing else than semiconductor noise was involved - no microphone or any other source of sound.

Until now I wasn't able to reproduce such results in my experiements at home. On one hand, this is kind of disappointing; on the other, it shows that it was not only a pure random result which would happen every time. I think the ambient conditions were very supportive at the convention, especially the presence of certain persons. In any case, this occasion clearly showed that this method has some potential...


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