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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2014 02:09 PM
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While it is nice to read such things, be leery to ascribing to them; you will see that that page is a chapter of a book of stories and one other chapter quotes:

You needed guidance and were often seeking for it. Yesu was the answer.

I am now considered somewhat neutral as far as religion goes and my true relgious beliefs need to be held at bay.

This is a prime example of taking things out of context; grabbing a chapter of seemingly interesting thought out of a book to which we know nothing; as far as I am concerned, until now.

It is ironic cause my spiritual enlightenment started out as religious; it was the final conflicts within that brought me to the light, not Jesus or Yesu as this book ascribes to; but that is me.

Religions are hiding their true faces nowadays to sucker people in, and its all about tithes and money, and for me it was brainwashing; I was a slave to religion.

I think the ancients wanted us to believe so that we would have reason to survive; in these times it is probly a good idea; prayer does have power.

It is my belief that it is possible if we think too much on what we do we may cause the very effects we are trying to discover; Michael Faraday said that this sort of thing is highly improbable; Uri Geller may have proved him wrong; others may have proved him wrong; in the end it is up to us whether or not we discover that what we make on Earth we make in Heaven (this is a quote from the Bible I think), as the Bible has many hidden secrets, as do many ancient texts.

I am on the thinking of Richard Feynman...there is always a ALL things.

There are many religious doctrines; the Egyptian Book Of The Dead; the Dead Sea Scrolls...I mean the list is enormous; let's just hope that we here take them for how they affect our own lives in the pursuit of knowledge; as this goes against the grain of religion; we simply MUST know who we are, why we are here, and where we are going; we may never know, but we must continue to explore and discover the undiscovered countries, to boldy go where no one has gone before...yea for Star Trek !

(EDIT: I myself even had to go back and have a second look and I see this:

I started channeling the Book of Earth from Elohim in 2003 by the author.

While it does have religious overtones, one can, when reading thru the material, gain some insight as to how the author made his journey, in this case, to God, and does have questions about himself; the reading of this journey is interesting, and seems to have all the basic precepts of how we should live in order to seek enlightenment and knowledge. He is right in that we can look for similarities, but there are many mysteries religion has kept hidden from us; books taken away from the Bible and the Catholic books on mysticism are examples.

I think it is good to have teachers so we dont go too far astray, and friends to whom we can seek solice from ideas we share.

(EDIT: So I am reading the messages on the site: She says the 'Elohim' are the human architects; that there exists Sirians and Pleiadians; that she started with Maitreya...The musical message to us from the Universe is Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight......nice tune...the author is a channeler; the fact that other worldy entities have contacted her (possibily!), give her spiritual strength. I have felt these presences but only very weakly; because I am not currently balanced myself.

I like the idea of being conscious and aware of everything you do in life; afteral we are here to learn, and our spirituality is part of it.

We may be lightworkers, and from my current point of view, it bests fits my agenda; to other extents though; not in a healing sense but to provide 'aide'; such as training to be a technician for the 'other side'; if this is what I am making in 'Heaven' I guess it's kool; funny I learned how to ride horses and fly an airplane though as well.

Her stories are 4 years old...I wonder where she is now... ))

Mr Zeta

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