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 Posted: Sep 24th, 2014 04:44 AM
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I see I am not the only one tinkering about with the same app on my 'Droids. I made a mistake of updating it just the other day. I had a really old, outdated version of Radar - the new one's a little "crippled" in the sense that it spells out words now only in uppercase. Leaves a very wide berth for interpretation now. :/

Anywhoo, how goes the experiment? I tried running it in parallel on two different devices at the same time and never do the two commit to the same responses nor speak at the same time. One or the other, each something different.

Also, when you are not holding, using/addressing the device with the radar running - does it stay mostly quiet for you or does it comment, say in active conversations with others at the moment? Mine will stay silent when I say my goodbyes. It will remain quiet until I start asking "the room" questions. *snicker* So it is polite.

Have you noticed any change in Ghost Radar's behavior when you switch it into airplane modes and/or turn off wifi, bluetooth - essentially isolating the phone/tablet from external influences?

I kicked a thread along in the Tech tower on the very same subject and was curious as to other's experiences and usage of the software too.