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 Posted: Sep 24th, 2014 01:09 AM
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Devastatingly convincing film, I must say. Congrats to all and good work at bringing the phenomenon to light in a manner that does not seem just this side of "spooky-crazy".

A question that comes up in the film that has perplexed and tied up many hours of thought too is:

How much of our experimentation is affected by our desire to have results? Is our mind responsible, our subconscious even; the engine that powers "results"? How much is attributable to latent psionic, telekinetic powers and talents within us all?

Are mediums people with slightly "off tuned" brains?

Whether we do our work with devices or physical mediumship, allowing spirit to communicate and manipulate ourselves and environment through us - just how much of that is indeed, powered by us. Is it wishful thinking working through the "crutch" of a gadget in our hand and so on?

The film indeed fills a good, wide gap and takes some of the scare factor off the tail end of things. I love how they dropped the name of a Hollywood film in the middle of the documentary. I always used that film as a talking point and a (poor) example of what ITC is about. Chances are someone at least heard of it and can wrap their heads about it before I mollify them with other strange little details. And of course, I am quick to mention that they have to remember it is a film to sell box office tickets so it is very, grossly exaggerated. Often, ITC is far, far more subtle and you have to *hunt* for your results.

Another subject that intrigues me too that they just remotely brought to the fore was how even thinking/observing a phenomenon can alter the results or the outcome far removed from the immediate area of the observer/willful party. Makes one think a tad more on how you get back from the Universe what you put into it, eh? ;>

It could go a little way towards the phenomenon of premonitions. Not necessarily predicting the future - but explaining how one can sometimes sense/feel/think on a subject mere moments it can become reality. I do not like to think or speak much of it myself but I knew the moment I lost my Grandmother to old age. When my Father died in the midst of illness...a recent accident my mother had. I just *knew* something was amiss. So it's not just spirit, but we could possibly have connections with the quite well and living, particularly those we are familiar with or share an emotional bond with.

So much to ponder and work build upon. Entirely not enough concrete, "Here it is, it works every time" sorta stuff that totally Grinches my pocket protector wielding, bespectacled scientific half. :D